When are Water Bill Payments Due?

Payments are due on the 10th of each month. After the 10th there is a 10% penalty applied. If the bill has not been paid by the 15th of the month there is a $40 fee assessed in addition to the total of the bill. On the 20th of the month any unpaid bills will result in that account being closed and the deposit will be applied to the bill. In order to have service started again a new deposit of $100 plus a $20 turn on fee will be charged. In the event the 10th or 15th falls on a weekend or holiday the City will adjust the payment dates to accomodate that.


Who are Cable/Internet providers within the City?

At present Comcast is the main provider of cable in Archer. They also provide internet services. AT&T is also an internet provider and in some areas they have cable available. The city has no contract with these companies. Individuals will need to contact them to arrange for service.